Friday, August 28, 2009

american outlaw

I have recently been invited to partake in a gallery show titled
American outlaw, taking place november 13th.
xiii pocket presents american outlaws; an accurate examination of america.

"Modern American Integrity: over indulgence, obsession with celebrity, over consumption, the reckless destruction of our environment, and a vicious sense of apathy.

As art continues to shape our society, it’s important to reflect on the present and on ourselves, no matter how invasive.

The rest of the world shows us that, as Americans, we are responsible for inventing the idea of the modern. We do this through our fashion, our music, our paintings, our sculptures, our literature, and our attitudes and concepts toward social and political issues.

By breaking down our ideas of what is now associated with American Culture, it becomes clear that the the need for Outlaws in our cities and on our streets is more important now than ever... But this is not a new concept. American Outlaws have always been a necessity, and have continued to play an active role in our history.

It has always been an American truth, that those that go against the herd mentality have the most influence on it’s effect. We are a country of rebels, revolutionaries, and progressive thinkers, and our current stagnation does not change this.

This month-long gallery event will feature our artist’s as contemporary criminals... enemies of politics, robbers of pop culture, and smugglers of change. "

I have decided to start working on a series of large scale portraits for this exhibition. here is one of my first sketches of
Teddy Roosevelt. currently 18 x24 looking to go 5ftx 3ft in ink and charcoal

all images copyright Suzanne F. McGinness

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